The Staigue Fort Project

An early version with Victoria Falls in the background. Who would put a waterfall behind a fortress?

A few years ago we were wandering around Ireland and came across Staigue Fort on a cold, cloudy day in late June. We took photos, climbed the stone walls, and marveled at how something could last so long without so much as a dollop of mortar.

Then one day it turned out the fort needed to be the setting for a collage. A 5K had just gone past our house and I shot dozens of pictures of runners knowing they’d rather run atop the fortress than down some city street.

Second version, with runners in the front going right instead of left…and more runners.

Memory, she said, is like a collage. We remember patches of things and cut and paste them into something like the past but different, more dreamlike. She says things like that, or at least that’s how I remember it.

Okay, what if the waterfall was in the middle of the fort and there was a sunset overhead?

And that’s how dreams are, weird collages of memories and hopes and fears.

Screw it… plain white background. People approach the wall from the void and run around the ancient fortress… Don’t miss the statue on the steps leading up the wall.

I cut up my photos and collate the mundane pieces into something more interesting to look at (hopes I). That process bleeds into life itself and the memories become more dreamlike. Didn’t I actually see a 5K going across the top of little known fort in Ireland?