“This will all be yours”

“One day, young man, Philadelphia Pants will be yours.” Of course, I ran it into the ground, foolishly expanding into custom-made bandanas, of all things. If only I’d listened…


We made pants. Good pants that fit well. Philadelphia Pants closed in 1989, after the ill-fated bandana venture which, if I’m to be completely honest, was just one in a series of my missteps. All that remains is this Philadelphia Pants, the one with the dot com. And though I don’t have an assembly line at my disposal, skilled tailors, seamstresses, and pressers, I can do with it what I please. Except make pants. I’m not going to make pants.

Today, a photo. This is Little Pete’s, an institution for 40 years at 17th and Locust in Philadelphia, which closed this spring. It was, they say, beloved. I ate there once, the day of this photo, unaware of its reputation and its pending closure. The story goes that the corner of the block occupied by the restaurant and the garage above is too valuable to sling hash and park cars and must be developed into something better, or at least more profitable.

And there’s the rub.

And now, another photo. This was last week in Baltimore, where a splinter faction of Philadelphia Pants resides.


In the middle of the night, the city of Baltimore removed four of its confederate statues. The image above is the former Lee/Stonewall Jackson monument, the day after its removal. People came and went all day, and whether complaining or pleased, they took selfies. They had that in common.

Maybe the closing of Little Pete’s and the removal of confederate statues are related. They have something to do with change, and maybe you like one kind of change, but not the other. Regardless, neither Lee nor Jackson nor Little Pete can help you with your pants situation. Anyone want a surplus bandana?


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